Joumana / oriental dance / dancer - organizer - choreographer
Katharina Joumana
Katharina Joumana has always loved dance. At the age of 7 years she began ballet lessons at the Tatjana Gsovsky dance school and switched several years later to riding. In 1985 she found her way back to oriental dance, to which she has dedicated herself wholeheartedly since then. Her first teachers were the Americans Kathleen Michael and Beata Cifuentes.

From the beginning of the 90s, she has travelled regularly around Egypt to learn Egyptian dance on the spot, from the inimitable Ibrahim Akif from Cairo, amongst others. Furthermore, she spent four years as a guest pupil in the training classes of the Berlin school for performing and fine arts, "Die Etage", learning ballet and modern dance under the leadership of Tim Golliher from the USA.

In addition, she studied Flamenco for 8 years in the "Magna Mata" dance school with the Berlin cult-teacher Guido el Tallo. Her dance is strongly influenced by the Egyptian style, but elements from the dance genres just described flow into her artistic expression and so form her unmistakeable style.

Alongside her dance training, Katharina Joumana completed a course as fashion designer at the Berlin Lette-Verein from 1990 - 1993.

Katharina Joumana has danced since 1992 in oriental stage shows produced by herself, such as "Der Schritt über die Sahara" and "Im Schatten des Baobabs". In 1994 she joined the "Oasis Danse Ensemble", danced in and co-produced the stage shows "La Loba" and "Regypta", which were performed throughout Germany. In 1999 she was a guest in the television show with German show master Thomas Gottschalk and danced in Munich at the concert of the Egyptian pop star Mohamed Mounir. In 2000 she founded her own dance ensemble, "Oriental Roses", and designed the Berlin oriental show "Café am Nil". She conceives the shows all by herself, invents and writes the stories, directs and choreographs the dances for her ensemble. Since then, many "Café am Nil" productions, in which international guest stars also appear, have enthralled Berlin audiences in the ufaFabrik.

In 2004 she created the modern oriental dance piece "Inta Omri", which she premièred with her ensemble. Engagements abroad followed, such as Saint Petersburg, Athens, Vienna and also Madrid, where she was invited to the Goethe Institute in 2005. In 2008 she danced solo in "Orientalis“, the last show of the original, legendary Berlin Wintergarten. In 2010 Katharina Joumana celebrated the 10th anniversary of "Café am Nil" and danced a duet in it with the star Egyptian dancer Mohamed Kazafy from Cairo.

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