Bellydance Moabit - Berlin
Bellydance near Moabit
The Azadeh is one of the oldest dance studios for oriental-oriental dance (belly dance) very near Moabit.
Today the name Azadeh stands for Katharina Joumana's special dance and teaching style, which has strongly shaped the Berlin oriental dance scene. Katharina Joumana and her lecturers teach dance technique for beginners to professionals, supplemented by cultural background knowledge, enthusiasm for music and the joy of dancing.

In the Azadeh, 16 courses of different levels take place on 100 square meters in the light-flooded loft in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Studio shows offer students of different levels the opportunity to demonstrate the dances they have learned in class in front of an audience.

Several times a year workshops with internationally known, mostly Egyptian lecturers take place in order to deepen and experience the dance authentically.

Azadeh Studio for Oriental Dance
Leibnizstraße 88
10625 Berlin
Telephone +4930 31 80 89 75
Fax +4930 881 75 63
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Azadeh Studio für Orientalischen Tanz
Leibnizstraße 88
10625 Berlin
Telefon +4930 31 80 89 75