Oriental Danceshow: "Café am Nil"
Ufa Fabrik Berlin

The Berlin show series "Café am Nil", founded in 2000 by Katharina Joumana, combines stagecraft with entertainment through oriental joie de vivre and has thrilled and delighted many thousand spectators over the last 10 years in sold-out shows in the ufaFabrik.

In "Café am Nil", oriental dance is presented by means of a story that runs through the show as a leitmot...
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Katharina Joumana Demo Video
Yalla Dance Show Berlin 24.01.2014
Café Am Nil 2014 Al Atlal- Mercedes Nieto
Café Am Nil 2014 Tamra Henna-Jalilahs
Café am Nil 2008 Oriental Roses
Café am Nil - Berlin 2008
Café am Nil 2007-Berlin