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Instructors in Azadeh

Katharina Joumana, the proprietor of Azadeh, has been teaching oriental dance (belly dance) since 1990. In the course of her 30 year teaching experience, she has developed her very own, popular teaching style. As well as the pleasure in dancing, Katharina Joumana lays particular importance on a healthy and graceful posture.

Her authentic teaching is challenging, dynamic with western structure and oriental attitude to life. Katharina Joumana conveys a solid dance technique and the knowledge about the origin and movements of the dances. Her dance training is marked by dedication and she passes this on to the participants.


Kathreen began at the age of 6 years as a gymnast, danced jazz and modern dance and then found her way to oriental dance (belly dance). She has studied this art form since 1994, complemented by year-long intensive ballet training. Her formative teacher in oriental dance is Katharina Joumana, the founder of the "Oriental Roses" ensemble, of which Kathreen has been a member since 2000.

Kathreen has taught at Studio Azadeh since 2009 and performs equally successfully as a solo dancer. Oriental dance is for her a constant source of inspiration, as she continually draws knowledge from renowned instructors at home and abroad, who impart dance authentically in all its facets.


Nassim discovered oriental dance (belly dance) at the age of 17 years and has been enthralled by it and its music ever since. Her penchant is for the Egyptian dance style, especially for the Balady and Raks Sharki.

In 1998, her path led to the dance studio Azadeh, where she was taught from then on by Katharina Joumana. In addition, she enjoyed the dance lessons of Beata and Horacio Cifuentes and Sayed Balaha in Berlin.

In 2002 Nassim held her first beginners' course at Azadeh. Nassim places particular importance on a correct bodily posture, an understanding of the music and a knowledge of rhythm. She teaches with great patience and much love. From 2000 to 2004, Nassim was a dancer in the "Oriental Roses" ensemble, founded and led by Katharina Joumana.

Viviana Marrone

Viviana Marrone is a certified STOTT PILATES trainer and has extensive experience in personal and group training. She is also a trained ballet dancer and danced as a soloist in many operas and theatres (most recently in the Berlin State Opera).

With her background in dance, she is therefore a valuable Pilates trainer for oriental dancers. Her teaching is very precise, she demonstrates the individual exercises with great patience. She pays attention that each participant carries out the exercises properly, and corrects them personally.


Farida started playing ballet lessons and jazz dancing at the age of eight. She completed a ballet education in Stockholm and in 1998 she discovered oriental dance (belly dance). At the Egyptiskt Cultural Center in Stockholm she learned mainly from Egyptian teachers and in Cairo from Aida Nour. In 2002, she danced in Beirut for 3 months and then moved to Italy, where she began teaching herself in 2003. She has been living in Berlin since 2017 and is dancing in the new tent in May. Faridas teaching style is calm and precise. She attaches great importance to a clean dance technique, which she builds slowly and clearly in the classroom.